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Growth is everything in our world!  Traction JEDI understands that efficient customer acquisition and retention are the fundamentals to early traction and sustained growth.  Through a need to create and sustain value in the companies and projects BOBU Holdings, LLC and Grind Capital invests in, Brent decided to launch Traction JEDI and begin offering the services used inside his portfolio and learned over the last decade commercially to non-portfolio companies and projects. 


A few words from the founder...  "There's so much confusion as to what it means to be an effective marketer in our ever-changing digital age.  The same goes for growth hacking.  Ultimately, you should be able to know exactly what it costs you to acquire a customer, what that customer means to your business monetarily and how that translates to your bottom line.  There's nothing mystical about it; it's formulaic, and the entire process can and should be visibly measured.  There are a lot of companies out there that apply the same platforms, tools and techniques to every customer case.  The "one-size fits all" approach to marketing, advertising, growth customer segments and business as a whole leads to higher customer acquisition costs (CAC), severe inefficiencies that waste time and money and an overall misunderstanding of what it means to truly be an effective modern marketer.  Traction JEDI Technologies, along with the developers that use its platform, is here to change that."


Combining modern marketing principles, industry best-pratices and bleeding edge technology!  By combining commercially available platforms, a proprietary set of tools and techniques, and modern marketing fundamentals to create, track and automate the channels for gaining traction in your business, we build sustainable value for YOU that translates into measureable growth.  Our techniques are foucsed on speaking directly to your most valuable customer verticals in the channels where they are most efficiently reached and converted, then repeating the process to create loyalty and EFFICIENCY.


YOU can see and measure what we are doing for you in REAL-TIME!  We are a combination of modern marketers, data-scientists and designers that believe in transparency, track and measure everything, and use real-time reporting tools to measure (and report on) every segment of the "funnel" to allow brand managers and business owners to see what's working and the extent to which we are beating the market with the traction we are getting YOU!



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