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Brand Management

Traction Jedi supplies curated and managed content across the specified social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube) an agreed upon number of times a week. Curated content will be knowledge base driven content surrounding subject matter expertise and relevant adjacent interests. Content may be about featured offerings where not prohibited by law.

A fully developed content plan will be created in tandem with your duly appointed representative. The content plan will outline a post schedule, structure, formatting, and lists of specific topics and events you would like to see featured. The plan also defines the tone and voice of the messaging put forth. Our brand strategy seeks to define, measure, and achieve the goal of clear identification, preference, and selection of your brand by its relevant customers and users.


Key performance metrics will be defined inside of the Analytics and Insights section. Working with the client or duly appointed representative, Traction Jedi will provide monthly reports on performance data and insights and interpretations of the data. Recommendations based on the expertise of the Traction Jedi team will be provided to create brand strategy for future content plans.

Traction Jedi has an extensive portfolio in brand management and development. Creation of brand logos, messages, and style guides is offered to unify the brand image. Traction Jedi will assist the client in creation of brand representation in a guided process.

We offer the following services to enable the scaling of your business:

  • Style Guides

  • Social Media Management

  • CRM Support

  • Content Management

  • Brand Management

  • Social Media Policy Documentation

  • Communications Plans

  • Metrics and Analytics

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Logo Creation

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