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What is Traction JEDI Technologies?

We make software, workflow,  and user experiences workable, valuable, and easy to use!  We focus on the user experience (UI/UX) putting powerful decision tools and workflow flexibility in the hands of those who need it.  We are proud to be a domestic low cost, high impact solution provider to our client base.

Traction Jedi Technologies is a majority Veteran-owned and operated small business located In Bossier City, LA. We currently offer regulatory enterprise and non-regulatory software solutions across several industries and specialize in system integrations, workflow automation, self-service, and user experience.

Utilizing state of the art 3D scanning technologies such as LiDAR, Traction Jedi Technologies can reverse-engineer components for digital replication. These assets can be used for digital engineering inside of a virtual environment or utilized for additive manufacturing base models.

Our commercial experience building enterprise workflow, command and control, learning & e-games, interactive marketing and web-based products, and training/simulation solutions spans several industries.  Over the years, our CEO, Daniel MacGibbon (US ARMY, retired), has led design, development, and project management across 40 industries.

Our team and products and enterprise development experience has been used across many sectors, including Defense & Aerospace, Finance, Public Safety, Healthcare, Local and National Non-Profits, Real Estate, and Telecom. Additionally, our brand content management and social media services line of products have been used in over 50 sectors. 

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