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Managed Services

Traction Jedi creates a website framework using third party developer tools to the client specifications. Use of these third-party applications is intended for efficiency, ease of transfer, rapid deployment, and quick turnaround on changes.

We administer a variety of information systems. Configuration, administration, and desktop support for these systems is provided in the form of account provisioning, group policy configuration, security configuration, customer relationship management systems (CRM) provisioning, and training and awareness.

Specific guidelines on rules of behavior inside of digital systems are necessary for a healthy work environment. Policies regarding behavior on social media, systems monitoring, and access control are offered. In addition, Traction Jedi offers Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Policies upon request.

We offer the following services to enable the scaling of your business:

  • Business Continuity Plans

  • Disaster Recovery Plans

  • Network Management

  • VPN Administration

  • Credential Management

  • HR/PEO Administration

  • Information Assurance Documentation

  • Policy Guidance and Documentation

  • Access Control

  • Desktop Support

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