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InvesTech Enterprises Purchases and Renovates Building in Bossier City

January 10, 2022 (Bossier City, LA) InvesTech Enterprises is hosting an open house on January 11th, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. 
Please come enjoy food and refreshments with us. The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at 3:30 pm. No RSVP required. 

Enterprise Building 
3315 E. Texas St in Bossier City 

Investech Enterprises is an American multi-asset, private investment firm based in Bossier City, Louisiana. We specialize in seed stage private equity, venture capital, credit, technology transfer, intellectual property management, dual-use services and technologies applicable to the 16 critical infrastructure sectors to include the Department of Defense and commercial and residential real estate. 

Our portfolio consists of Precision Platform Solutions (PPS), Traction Jedi Technologies, Ogilvie Real Estate (ORE), and Grind Capital. We manage all of our portfolio companies with a hands-on approach, meaning we are rolling up our sleeves and grinding each and every business daily. As each company has grown, we’ve searched the market for just the right building. After an exhaustive search, we found 3315 E. Texas. 

Then, it was time for the fun part–getting a bank to finance our purchase! We went out in search of financing, and that’s when we were referred to First Guaranty Bank.  

For over 87 years, First Guaranty Bank has proudly served the people of Louisiana and Texas. With today’s ever-changing economy, there is one thing that will not change and that is First Guaranty Bank’s commitment to their customers. With the power to make loan decisions on a local level they have the strength to help meet the needs and expectations of their customers. While other banks may come and go, First Guaranty Bank continues to have the power of three generations of banking trust. 

It was there where we were introduced to our business banker, Matt Hudnall. When we first met with Matt, he was really eager to learn more about our business, Investech Enterprises. “It's all about starting with a goal. Where are we now, where do you want to be and what is the plan to get there?  Investech has a clear vision about where they want to be, and with a rapidly growing company like them - it's so important to understand their operation from top to bottom.  First Guaranty Bank is extremely invested in the people, businesses, and local communities we serve. That commitment makes our commercial lending process more fulfilling for customers when they know we're all bought in and rooting for you.  At FGB, we're great at doing a lot of things, most importantly we're great at taking care of our customers. I'm grateful I was able to play a part with Investech and help them achieve one of their many goals.” – Matt Hudnall, Assistant Vice President and Financial Relationship Manager at First Guaranty Bank. 

Since the start, Matt has been very hands-on and quickly got up to speed on our operation where he could add value with respect to our financing needs. “Matt at First Guaranty really made the transaction possible; we had many moving parts on this deal. FGB’s ability to move at the speed that they did was very impressive.” - Blake Ogilvie, Managing Partner of InvesTech Enterprises 

During our discussion of the new building, Matt asked us about our future plans for the business, and this is where things started to get really exciting! We told Matt that having a cohesive workspace as well as additional square-footage would empower us to hire new, game-changing personnel- and we have! 

We hired Oren Welborn as the CFO of InvesTech to help us manage the portfolio and operationalize the Grind Capital fund. Oren brings years of experience with him to include corporate finance and private wealth management. He is also a CFA® charterholder. 
“As a private equity portfolio management company, we really saw a need for someone with the right skill set to come in and manage the operation as well as operationalize workflow.” - Brent Upshaw, Managing Partner of InvesTech Enterprises. 

In addition to our focus on strategy investment, InvesTech also believes in investing in human capital–in people. Oren Welborn is a great example of this. Another example is our Grind Capital Academy. Grind Capital Academy (GCA) is a lean business methodology curriculum delivered as an apprenticeship at Louisiana Tech. Currently, we have six apprentices with backgrounds ranging from finance, engineering, and cyber to business management. Having such a strong connection with our academic partners has really helped us find the talent we need to succeed. Cyrus Hinkle at PPS, our most recent graduate from Louisiana Tech and Grind Capital Academy, graduated in December with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. This is where things come full circle. We are able to hire our apprentices to full-time positions to help grow our portfolio businesses and allow talent to remain local in our ecosystem. 

Precision Platform Solutions: 
Founded in 2018, Precision Platform Solutions is a technology accelerator that provides enterprise-level, dual-use solutions for warfighters and subject matter experts (SMEs) in defense and critical infrastructure sectors built by warfighters, private sector risk managers, business intelligence analysts, and technologists. 

Traction Jedi Technologies: 

Founded in 2017, Traction Jedi Technologies is technology based and majority 
Veteran-owned and operated small business located in Bossier City, LA. Traction Jedi Technologies currently offers solutions in UI/UX Design, Gamified Learning, Virtual Construct, 3D Asset creation/ conversion (ARNR), interactive mobile apps, marketing & sales tools, Brand Management, and Technical Scoping. 

Ogilvie Real Estate: 
Ogilvie Real Estate specializes in investment properties/portfolios, property management, new developments, and traditional brokerage transactions. 

Grind Capital: 
Grind Capital is a seed-stage, technology transfer and recovery Venture Capital Firm with offices in Bossier and Ruston collaborating directly with federal buyers, academic and other state/federal Tier 1 research institutions, and Prime and Fortune 100-500 partners developing and fielding emerging technology solutions applicable to the 16 Critical Infrastructure Sectors, anchored in DoD prototyping across all branches. Seeking companies with value in the range of $1M - $3M with an intellectual property component. 

First Guaranty Bank: 
First Guaranty Bank is a Louisiana state-chartered bank. Founded in 1934, First Guaranty Bank offers a wide range of financial services and focuses on building client relationships and providing exceptional customer service. First Guaranty Bank currently operates thirty-three branches in Louisiana and Texas. The Company’s common stock trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol FGBI. For more information, visit  

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