What is Traction JEDI Technologies?



Traction Jedi Technologies Is a majority Veteran-owned and operated small business located In Bossier City, LA. Traction Jedi Technologies currently offers solutions in Behavioral Analytics/Sentiment Analysis, 3D Asset creation/conversion (AR/VR), interactive mobile apps, marketing & sales tools, UI/UX Design, Technical Scoping, and Brand Management. 

Our commercial experience building games, interactive marketing and web-based products, and training/simulation solutions spans several decades, with roots in early PC Game Development. Over the years, our CEO, Daniel MacGibbon (US ARMY, retired), has led design, development and project management across 40 industries. 

Our Analytics experience has been used across 50 sectors, including Defense & Aerospace, Finance, Real Estate, Critical Infrastructure to name a few. 

Traction JEDI Technologies

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